€300,000 cleaning service direct request continues being renewed

The organization has effectively gotten more than €7 million in direct orders

A €300,000 month to month contract granted to a cleaning service by means of direct request continues being reestablished and the legislature has so far neglected to state why.

X-Clean Ltd, an organization with a location in Floriana, was granted the agreement for cleaning administration at St Vincent De Paul Residence in Luqa only weeks after it was shaped in 2015, Times of Malta was told.

When the term of the agreement lapsed over two years prior, another focused delicate was not issued and, rather, the experts continued issuing a month to month direct request to a similar organization, industry sources said.

Times of Malta evaluated the organization has effectively gotten more than €7 million in direct requests. It approached the administration for subtleties, including on to what extent the act of restoration the agreement has been set up however, up until this point, no data has been anticipated. The sources demonstrated this has been going on since in any event the center of 2016.

It couldn’t be set up whether such technique is in accordance with open acquirement rules. In any case, a long-standing Finance Ministry mandate sets out that immediate requests ought to be “constrained” in degree and confined to circumstances of a crisis nature.

A long-standing mandate sets out that immediate requests ought to be constrained in extension and limited to circumstances of a crisis nature
The Parliamentary Secretary for Active Aging, Anthony Agius Decelis, was inquired as to why cleaning administrations contracts at the Luqa complex falling under his political wing were given through an immediate request on a month to month premise however the inquiries stayed unanswered at the season of writing.

The paper additionally asked when had X-Clean Ltd won the first delicate, what amount did the administrations rendered cost and what number of direct requests had been issued to a similar organization yet to no avail.

Times of Malta is educated that the rates charged by the organization for the arrangement of its administrations were not equivalent to those cited in its unique offer. Endeavors to get remarks from the organization’s proprietors were pointless and an organization representative neglected to return calls.

The Luqa home for the older has just been in the news in the previous weeks after what was initially intended to be a €60-million arrangement for the supply of nourishment and the structure of another kitchen turned into a €274-million, 500-bed expansion granted to James Caterers and an auxiliary of the db Group.

The National Audit Office is researching the delicate and whether it is in break of EU open acquirement rules.

Anthony Agius Decelis
Anthony Agius Decelis
Unanswered questions

  1. When was the first delicate granted to X-Clean Ltd and for how long?
  2. Why has the administration continued reestablishing the agreement through direct requests and what number of rehashed direct requests have been given so far to the company?
  3. Why has the legislature not issued another tender?
  4. Is this as per open acquirement rules?

The questions were sent to Anthony Agius Decelis on September 17.